"Mistress  Raven is without doubt one the most expert ladies in this field I have ever met. Her knowledge of how to dominate, control and mind fuck a willing slave is awesome. Even before we had met, she began to dominate and control me by email, and that alone was exceptional. When I met her, it was more than expected.

The chambers are a first class facility, one of the best I have ever seen, with discrete, safe parking. As for Mistress Raven, she is just stunning. She has a fantastic body, and superb breasts, as well as looking fabulous in latex. Her makeup skills are breathtaking, and beyond question. She gave me the good beating I asked for,  even though it went 45 minutes over time.   Her skill at controlling your pain so you are just on the edge of your limit is first class.  At the same time, you want her so bad you are willing to endure anything to gaze upon her and wish just to breathe the same air as she. I have never met such a beautiful, sexy, alluring, dominant, controlling Goddess of the art as Mistress Raven.

Please dont waste your time and money anywhere else. This is the best you'll ever get for 200 miles in any direction. I now gladly worship Mistress Raven".

April 2017


"I booked a Breathplay session for the first time with Mistress Raven and was not quite sure what to expect,

I was not disappointed however. The Mistress took time to find out my likes, dislikes & limits.

I have never enjoyed a session as much as I did with Mistress Raven the way she used nitrous along with plastic bags & rubber mask was amazing it was truly the sort of edge play I enjoy & I will certainly be booking another appointment as soon as I can.

Thank you again Mistress for your very professional approach to what I like the most being suffocated by a beautiful women.

Regards P"

April 2017


“My first contact with Mistress Raven was via cam.  I immediately became hooked and arranged a session as soon as possible.  We chatted for over an hour, which I took to be an excellent sign of play style compatibility.  Arrangements were extremely easy, which is a refreshing change compared to some Mistresses.  I actually arrived late for the session as I had a fair distance to travel, although this wasn’t a problem.  This is the beauty of Raven - she is a normal person - which cannot be stressed enough.


When Mistress opened the door, all expectations were comfortably exceeded.  She is a stunningly beautiful woman. We chatted as I was lead into the dungeon.  Mistress even made me a cup of tea before we started to play, which is a first for me!  The five hour session was over far too quickly - time flies when you’re having fun - and I certainly did, I think Mistress did too.  What happened in the session will remain a happy secret, suffice to say Mistress Raven lead me on a wonderful journey which unfortunately had to end.  Although perhaps it is just the beginning?


I cannot wait for my next meeting with Raven as I aim to become her number one slave” J


When I first saw the  photos of Miss Raven in her chamber I knew I had to experience it, it wasn't long before I was there and subjected to Miss Raven's mercy. 

The chambers is in a discreet though accessible location and has been decorated in an interesting way and furnished to Miss Raven's high standards. It wasn't long before I was passing control to Miss Raven who although strict and firm is also caring. 

As well as good selection of BDSM furniture and implements, Miss Raven has several canes and other implements for Corporal Punishment which she enjoyed using what was to her the blank canvas of my buttocks, and which were soon glowing and stinging in response. Miss Raven relished having a new sub (or should that be slut) to explore scenarios with and we've certainly done that in subsequent visits. 
The chamber and Miss Raven really do take your breath away MH


I returned from my first session with MissRaven & am still floating! The chambers are absolutely wonderful. Spacious, clean and a great place to be!

But what a woman MissRaven666 is, not only is she absolutely stunning in every possible way, she has a wonderful nature and instantly made me feel very welcome, comfortable and at ease. At no point did I feel awkward.

MissRaven666 seemed to know just what I was looking for in the session and more than provided this. She expanded my experiences and doing this I felt at ease the whole time and will be happy to continue expanding them. The only downside is that the sessions have to end, and I'm sure I'm going to be VERY happy with future sessions and simply cannot wait to return!! The perfect place, and THE perfect Mistress.


Serving Miss Raven turned out to be one of the most mindblowing sessions I'd ever experienced. Not only is she gob-smackingly beautiful but she has an inner steely strength that makes her such a natural Domme.


Her facilities are incredibly well equipped and atmospheric allowing her to be innovative with all manner of implements and equipment. Not that Miss Raven needs tons of equipment to bend subs to her will - from the moment you set eyes on her stunning curves and beautiful face, believe me, you'll be putty in her hands.

Pre-set limits were all adhered to but once Miss Raven had me at her mercy and she flashed that sadistic smile, I would have been happy to suffer any torment for her pleasure. She has that effect on men! Two hours absolutely flew by as she indulged herself, tormenting male flesh. And, that's perhaps the most intoxicating thing about Miss Raven. She genuinely enjoys making slaves suffer for her pleasure. Supremely skilled with a cruel, sadistic streak, Miss Raven is the real deal.

Out of session, she's warm and delightful company and a lovely, kind person - even giving me a lift to and from the rail station. Throughout my four hour return journey, i was achey, tender and sore but utterly blissed out with the memories of a quite unforgettable two hours. Suffice to say, i'm already planning my next venture north to serve this stunning Mistress. Slave Phil


After mailing Mistress Raven a few times it was now time for me to visit her chambers at Swinton near Rotherham, the chambers were easy to find with a large private car park to the rear.

When Mistress Raven opened the door to me she looked absolutely stunning dressed in a tight fitting green latex dress and boots as we had discussed.

I wanted to be made into a sissy girl and try strapon play for the first time, Mistress told me to undress and I was then dressed in a sissy outfit inclusive of wig, heels and make up. I was told my sissy name was to be Davina, then I was take through to the chamber and fastened to the whipping bench, Mistress put on her strapon and my virginity was well and truly taken. After this Mistress decided I needed punishing for being a dirty little slut, starting with spanking followed by the slipper, hair brush and finished with six of her very best cane. I was then permitted to pleasure myself while worshiping her beautiful rear which was a real pleasure.

If you are thinking of visiting Mistress Raven then make an appointment she is amazing a better Dominatrix you will not find anywhere, MISTRESS has the ability  to put you at ease, be your friend while dominating you completely. It is an amazing experience, her skills are in no doubt. You know she is in complete control of you.

Regards Davina xx

Mistress Raven


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