Mistress Raven

Welcome to Mistress Raven!! I am a mature, experienced Mistress with a wide variety of satisfying tastes. I will take you to the edge, Over it, & all the way back again.


Whether you are new to the exciting world of BDSM, taking the first steps of your journey, or a lifelong experienced player, I will cater your session to what you needs!


I am a Very creative Mistress with a great sense of humour, so don’t be surprised if I laugh in your face, or along with you. As the Fantasy Latex Mistress I have many interests and I have listed a few on the right hand side of the page. 


This list is to guide you through some of the areas we can explore, but it is by no means exhaustive.  If there is something that you particularly want to try, then discuss it with me first and we can decide what is appropriate for our time together. An hour or more perhaps!

Courteous Dialogue is essential to ensure that we prepare for what you are about to embark upon, so tell me your deep, dark secrets & Fantasies, and I will make your dreams…..or your nightmares……come true.


I am Hard & brutal, Sensitive & Soft, Come and Explore & treat me your best!! You can not help but enjoy it!!

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