Within the Chambers there is  the following items and Equipment (not a full list)

ST Andrews cross (with restraints), Bondage bed (with restraints), Whipping Caning Bench (with restraints), Stocks, Tau Chair (with restraints), Queening Chair, Upright Cage, Dental Chair (Electrical), Multitude of restraints, Many Hoods & Gas Masks, Humblers, A Multitude of different canes, Paddles, Crops, Humblers, Whips, Cuffs, Suspension Area, Sjambok, Suction Cups, E-Stim.

Medical Bed with stirrups, Many Sounds, Catheters, Pin Wheels, Strap On cocks, Harnesses, Sex Swing, Medical Instruments, Needles, Straps amongst other items

Dressing Room area for sissyfication, Various Wigs, Breast Forms, many dresses, Tights, stockings,

make up & Nail Polish

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