Welcome to the Playground of Mistress Raven!!

Mistress Raven is the owner and Proprietor of Exhale Chambers.

Her personal Website can be found here www.MistressRaven.co.uk


Exhale Chambers are located in Swinton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

located on an industrial estate, The Location is private

& is located on the first floor of a listed building.

There are steps leading up to a first floor landing and this is where your journey begins!

an exact location is given upon booking the chamber or a session with Mistress Raven!

The Chambers are Atmospheric, Warm, Spacious & clean.

They are Well-Equipped with a large array of BDSM furniture & toys,

I have a well stocked Medical Station with all sorts of Medical instruments. 

I also have a dedicated make up & Sissification area for you naughty little sissy subs to play in.

everything that you would need to make your session perfect!

The Chambers are owned & ran prepared and maintained by Myself.

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